More work at Leeds Discovery Centre

Just thought I’d let you know about what I’ve been getting up to at Leeds over the past couple of days!

This green turtle, which is going to be displayed alongside the camel skull at the City Museum, needed brushing up; or rather its stand did!

Figure 1: The turtle post spray!

I sanded down the stand and spray painted it, before painting the metal supports with acrylic paint.

Figure 2: The metal supports are painted with acrylic paint.

I’ve also been cleaning (using the steam cleaner) a giraffe skull that was in particulalry poor shape!

I had to remove the ‘putty’ like material that used to support the horns (before they fell off).

Figure 3: The putty is removed from the top of the giraffe skull using a scalpel.

Figure 4: This putty-like material needed to be removed before any further work on the giraffe’s horns, including possible reattachment, could take place.

The conservation experience I’m learning at Leeds is very useful to take forward for the rest of my traineeship; and maybe useful in future jobs too!


About Trainee Curator

I will be writing a blog about the next twelve months spent as a trainee biological curator based at Manchester Museum.
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