Week at Leeds Discovery Centre

External shot of Leeds Museum Discovery Centre from Carlisle Road

This week I’m based at the Leeds Discovery Centre.

The Discovery Centre holds the collections of all the City council museums; including those of the Leeds City Museum and Kirkstall Abbey.

It is a real treasure trove of collections housed within the large purpose-built store.

My fellow trainee Kirsty Garrod is based here.

During this week so far I’ve been helping out with cleaning objects using a steam cleaner.

Objects like this Bactrian camel skull will be displayed in a new case at the City Museum based upon the theme of extinction.

Figure 1: Cleaning the camel skull with the steam cleaner.

Figure 2: Can you tell which side hasn’t been cleaned yet?!

It is important to clean the objects so that they look their best to be viewed by the public.

Using the steam cleaner can be quite tricky; especially on delicate objects.  I cleaned a gharial skull ( a type of crocodile) and some teeth flew out at me!

I look forward to the rest of my week at Leeds; which may even involve helping put the camel skull on display!


About Trainee Curator

I will be writing a blog about the next twelve months spent as a trainee biological curator based at Manchester Museum.
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